Chemist Who Tested Drugs For Police Admits To Being High Every Day For 8 Years

There are some jobs, ours included, which you could totally show up high to and still get your work finished fairly well. However, if you’re a chemist for a police department in which you test for drugs to help prove a person’s innocence, maybe that’s the gig you should be totally sober for.

Sonja Farak recently admitted to being so out of her mind on drugs, over 30,000 court cases in Massachusetts could be questioned because of her love of everything psychedelic. And we’re not just talking weed. She admitted to being on methamphetamines, ketamine, cocaine, LSD and other drugs EVERY DAY during her time with the Massachusetts police department between 2005 and 2013. Sounds like a pretty boring gig but Farak tried to lighten the mood by probably not even knowing what mood she was in at the time.

But it wasn’t the drugs involved in the cases that she took, she instead took “sample” drugs that the chemists had on hand “as benchmarks to test against substances submitted by police for testing.” Halfbaked 2, anyone? Farak even went a step further to admit she was able to create crack cocaine for her own personal use while working on the job. So how much time in prison will Farak get? Only 18 months. Not a whole lot of time for someone that quite possibly and single-handedly sent thousands of people to jail or prison for having the wrong drug test results.

I guess people that love their work a little too much can be a bad thing. The American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts said they intend to re-examine all of the cases that went through Farak’s lab.

Have YOU ever been stoned while at work?