Chelsea Handler Tweeted A Picture Of Her Boobs, Because Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler has been more of a nudist than comedian lately. After Kim Kardashian showed off her butt, Handler was quick to show her audience that having a butt is really not as big of a deal as the internet believed. Unfortunately, Handler didn’t make as many waves as ole K.K. so she apparently decided to up the ante with a boob shot decorated atop a random stereo. At least I can only assume the Kardashian thing is related.But it seemed most of you enjoyed her butt shot SO much, even requesting a front angle, so here you go. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Forgive the pixelation, I don’t know how that got there! Here’s a link to Handler’s direct tweet because I know what the kids like.

Handler is currently touring the world with her stand up. I checked out her Uganda Be Kidding Me special on Netflix and it’s pretty meh. You’re better off just staring at the above image for an hour instead.

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source: Brobible