Chelsea Handler Gets Topless To Protest Sexism On Instagram

Say what you will about the comedy of Chelsea Handler, but she sure knows how to whip out some attention. Apparently the comedian and former host of Chelsea Lately decided to go as Russian President Vladimir Putin for Halloween this year. More specifically she dressed up as – or dressed down as – that iconic photo of Vlad riding a horse- completely topless. She posted the pic to her Instagram account which was quickly taken down from the social media site, who apparently hates boobies.

Weird that she would add the black censor bar, come on!

Handler took to Twitter in protest, where boobies are allowed to roam free, saying that removing her topless Vladimir Putin impersonation pics was sexist.

After all, if the Russian president can show off his sexy chest, why can’t the ladies? What are you a bunch of commies that won’t let her freely express herself as much as Vladimir Putin?

She tried to post the picture again and was met with more censorship from Instagram who is a private company and can do whatever the hell they want, and this has nothing to do with The First Amendment.  I’m sure everyone on the Internet commenting on this story will fully understand that distinction and totally agree… can’t wait. So yeah they took down her tit pic again;

She replied; “If a man posts a photo of his nipples, it’s ok, but not a woman? Are we in 1825?”  -Things could be worse for Chelsea; she could be that man in England who spent seven years in jail for walking around without any clothes on.

Some have suggested that the only thing she is really protesting is the sales of her new book. Well, what do you all think? Should Instagram allow female naked breasts? Is it a sexist double standard, or who cares, you just want to see bare boobs which you can see here on Chelsea’s Twitter page!

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