Chelsea Handler Tries To One-Up Kim Kardashian With Her Own Butt Shot

Chelsea Handler has always had an issue with Kim Kardashian. It seemed half of her jokes from her talk show were to mock the sex-tape-turned-reality-tv-star-turned-multimillionaire. And rightfully so, Kim Kardashian is just a waste of space. But as we’ve seen today, Kim is taking up most of that wasted space with her big ole’ behind once more. And we all totally looked.

Not to be outdone, Chelsea Handler decided to one-up the Kardashian by photographing her own butt. Albeit, not as successfully, but maybe we can just blame that on the lack of lighting and oil.

[[contentId: 2786147| alt: | style: height:441px; width:510px]]

Aside from that “Coppertone girl” look, I thinks she’s really pulling it off. Points go to Handler for having a normal hairdo and not that weirdo upright ponytail thing Kardashian was going for. Also Handler has the toilet paper roll out and not in, also points for that.

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source: Gawker