This Woman Wants To Normalize Being Topless In Public. Are You On Board?

Meet Chelsea Covington, a 27-year-old woman living her normal every day life. Only this 27-year-old is spending her free time taking a stance when it comes to the taboo of showing off one’s breasts in public. Covington is on a mission to normalize women’s bare breasts in the public eye one state at a time, and it looks as though she’s kind of winning. Sure, there are many people who think it’s insane for a woman to want to walk around with her cans hanging out but that’s the point–Covington doesn’t think it should be insane or weird at all.

In a recent interview, Covington explains that having your “bare naked ladies” out in public is actually legal in some states already, believe it or not. Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are totally down to see a woman walk around topless. Tomorrow however, New Hampshire’s House of Representatives will debate on whether or not they want to regulate women being topless in their state so Covington is taking it upon herself to spread the word and make sure those states, including New Hampshire, keep this freedom just the way it is.

So now that you know sexy ladies are actually allowed to just take their tops off and walk around topless with just the May breeze to keep them covered in those specific states (and possibly more to come), there is one big downside. The downside to this entire situation is not every woman is as attractive as Chelsea Covington. That’s right, this means your grandma could just walk around with her bombs hanging out and, well, you’ll just have to be okay with that because that’s the damn law.

No one tell grandma she’s allowed to take her top off in public!

I like freedoms as much as the next person, but I don’t want dudes balls hanging out to achieve it because if women are allowed to walk around with their tops off today, then dudes should be allowed to walk around with their balls out tomorrow! But hey, maybe that’s the thirty-year-old in me speaking and fair is fair. I might have a different tune if I was 27 like Covington here with way more time on my hands to think about super important things like freeing the nipple.

Future employers will surely appreciate this.