Wife Announces Pregnancy On FaceBook, Guy She Cheated With Chimes In

A pregnant woman does a happy dance GIF

Image Source: Buzzfeed

FaceBook is usually the first place people turn to in order to announce their exciting news: engagements, a wonderful gift.

And by that I mean, a comment that makes us smile cringe at someone else’s embarrassment on such a worldwide stage…

A woman named Christina posted a pic of herself on FaceBook. She was holding a pregnancy test and the caption read:

As you can see, the comments were very positive and offering congrats…Until this came in from a dude friend of hers:

A man that cheated with a married woman comments on her facebook post

He then goes on to directly address Christina’s husband. For all of her FaceBook friends to see…

a man continues posting on facebook to the husband of the woman he slept with

Sure, it sucks for her husband. And probably Christina. And it’ll eventually suck for their currently unborn child

an ultrasound of a baby giving the finger

Image Source: Jezebel

But today, it makes me feel good about myself. And grin a little. If that makes me a bad person… then that’s who I am, I guess.

Source: The great dudes at BroBible