Wife Busted For Cheating On Husband… With Her Cousin

Facebook is a place where people feel free to post virtually everything and anything, but even if there are no actual limits, there are boundaries one can cross. Sometimes truly crazy stuff happens and it will inevitably go viral. Take the recent example of a woman who cheated on her husband – with her cousin.

pic 1

Not surprisingly, the comments came fast and furious. This is one area it’s tough for many of us not to feel judgmental about.


Our damsel (in mental distress?) stands her ground though against the haters.

all you want

Yes, her shits covered. Whatever that means. We can only hope it’s a metaphor because she seems like the kind of girl who probabaly gets sexy with poo. 

first of all

She’s owning her truth, as it were. And she ain’t gonna lie bout it. (Note to self: if I ever do this, I will make a point of lying about it)


well not true

Yes, she’s just sayin. But she says it with love and feeling, if you define feeling as a bunch of emoticons taking the place of actual emotions.

She’s not embarrassed. Honestly, we are a bit embarrassed for her though. Ok, maybe more than just a bit.


Yep, the haters gonna hate. Or at least bring religion into the picture.


Bringing the level of discourse to an even more shallow level, we can’t forget the dude who at least is hoping that this incestuous freak show has a lesbian vibe. There is a lesson here for all of us, but we are scratching our heads to figure out what it is. Maybe it’s as simple as “Shut the Hell Up!” or perhaps it’s somewhat more grandiose. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Imgur