Guy Survives Crash, Wishes For Death When GF And Side Chick Both Visit Hospital

Some people walk out of close calls with death and decide to change their lives around – you have a heart attack and you start eating salad, suffer a punctured colon and you stop putting large tubular vegetables up your ass, etc. It takes years of reflection to get to the point where you realize what you’re doing is harming yourself, but sometimes all it takes is a quick brush with the grim reaper to have that epiphany.

But this guy? Nah. Didn’t get far enough down the hospital ward to even figure out where he was before shit hit the fan. Not only was the poor guy in a car accident, but upon reaching his hospital room he was greeted by two important women in his life:

His girlfriend, and his side chick.

It goes about as well as you’d expect.


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Shout out to the nurse for trying to calm down Hurricane Maria: The Sequel, because we all know that hospital room would be Puerto Rico had those two women been left to their own devices. But the real question here is…who the fuck invited BOTH of them to the hospital? Some mysteries we’ll never solve.

[H/T BroBible]