Cheating Boyfriend Ambushed At Airport By Three Jilted Girlfriends

Social media combined with cheating will not end well. It just won’t.

But that didn’t stop a 19-year-old boy named Charlie from tempting fate by simultaneously dating three separate girls. Eventually, one of them found out. Let the games begin.

Becky, a 17-year old, saw a text from another girl on Charlie’s phone. And like any girl, she looked her up through Charlie’s Twitter account. Taking it a step further, she asked the second girl to meet up for a drink. At this point, they figured out that Charlie had a third girlfriend, as well, and decided to contact her. Ohhhhhh boy.

After thinking of how they could confront him, they decided that the best way was to greet him at the airport after he came back from vacation. And that’s exactly what they did. But Charlie’s travel companion really made the story much more embarrassing.

After Charlie left the plane, the three girls were there to greet him. The really unfortunate part for Charlie was that his mom witnessed the confrontation as well, seeing as it was actually a family vacation. Now that sucks.  But hey, the kid deserved it. How else are you gonna teach a guy a lesson to not cheat on three women?

Becky told the Daily Mail how the confrontation went down, saying:

He came out of customs and saw all of us and his face just dropped. We said we wanted to talk to him, and he said ‘Can’t I talk to you later?’ and we said no, we wanted to talk to him now. I said to him ‘Don’t you have anything to say to us?’

Becky later tweeted that if any girl decides to date him, they need to get themselves checked because he’s slept with everyone. Yikes. Now that’s a lesson we can all learn from.

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source: Daily Mail