Cheaper For Guy To Legally Change Name Than Correct Misprinted Airline Ticket

A British college student named Adam Armstrong, 19 and his girlfriend India Lomas are planning a pretty fun sounding summer vacation to Ibiza with friends and family. Fun times!

Gettin’ the party started.

However things hit a snag when ordering tickets from discount airline Ryanair. Adam accidently got the wrong name printed on his ticket but when he called Ryanair to correct the matter they refused to do so.  Adam says:

“Ryanair pride themselves on being a customer-centric business, it just seems like a joke when they wouldn’t change the name. I just thought it was completely ridiculous. All they needed to do was hit the backspace key on a keyboard and they want to charge me £220?”

Not fun times.

To correct the error on the plane ticket Ryanair would have charged Adam a fee of £220 British pounds (about $336 dollars). However Adam had an alternate plan: it is free to legally change your name, and only £103 British pounds (about $157 dollars) to get a new passport. SCORE! So for you math majors out there; Adam legally changed his name in order to save $179 dollars.  This kid is frugal and thoughtful; he urges others to “find a way around the system.” Way to fight The Man!

This is the same airline that considered charging to use the bathroom. What crap!

Now you are probably wondering why he would need to do this if the airline misprinted his name. Well, turns out that this time it wasn’t the airline that screwed up. (Delta, I don’t even understand how a suitcase can have ALL of its wheels torn off!) His girlfriend’s stepfather ordered the plane tickets for him and wasn’t sure of his last name. So instead of the embarrassing situation of asking his stepdaughter and admitting he didn’t know Adam’s last name he went to Facebook to check. One small problem. Adam was a fan of 1960’s Batman:

“Her stepdad got my name from Facebook but I had put it as Adam West as a joke, because he was the actor who played Batman on TV.”


BAM! I think the original Adam West would be proud. If this is the kind of whacky stuff the young Adam West gets up to before the vacation even starts, we look forward to hearing about all the adventures these two had on their trip to the party island of Ibiza! I fully expect them to come back covered in face tattoos of The Joker in exchange for free shots of booze. More power to him!

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Source: Metro UK