10 Times Celebrity Body Parts Have Been Sold

Through the years, people have held on to various body parts of famous people. In ancient times these may have been considered religious relics, but it’s hard to attach such significance to a soiled Lindsay Lohan tissue. Then again, with DNA profiling and cloning, such items might hold the secrets to some historic figures. Here are 10 times celebrity body parts have come on sale.

1. John Lennon’s Hair


You might not be able to hold John Lennon’s hand, but for one lucky (?) bidder, a chance to hold a lock of his hair came true this week. 4 inches of his hair went for $35,000 at auction.

2. Napoleon’s Penis

Taken from his autopsy table, the 1.5 inch item has been compared to a seahorse. It was last sold for $2900 in 1977 and is said to be worth over $100,000 today. That’s a lot for a small French fry.

3. Beethoven’s Hair


A lock went for $7300 in 1994, but even more rare was part of his skull which was donated in 2005 to San Jose State University.

4. Albert Einstein’s Eyeballs


His ophthalmologist ended up with these, keeping them in a jar by his bed. In the ‘90s, he apparently tried to sell them for around $5,000,000 to Michael Jackson, but the deal never closed.

5. Abraham Lincoln’s Blood


In 2008, part of the blood stained collar from the night of his shooting went up for auction and fetched over $65,000.

6. Elvis Presley’s Hair

His personal barber acquired this so no doubting its authenticity when it went for $115,000 in 2002. 

7. Grigori Rasputin’s Penis


The mad monk’s legendary junk was nearly 12 inches and was infamously saved by his assassins. In 2004, the Museum of Erotica in St. Petersburg bought it for about $8000 and it is now on display. Supposedly a simple glance at it cures impotence – now that’s one serious penis.

8. Mozart’s Hair


Ol’ Wolfie’s lock went for a mere $53,000 in 2015, which is clearly a bargain compared to Elvis.

9. Scarlet Johansson’s Mucus


She appeared on a talk show with a cold, so they decided to auction her used tissue off for charity and netted $5300. Exactly how many boogers or the exact nature of said boogers were thankfully not described.

You a bit short on cash and just need one strand of a celeb’s hair? There are sites like this that can sell you people ranging from Justin Bieber to JFK to George Washington for under $700.