Seth Rogen, Emma Watson And More React To The "Fappening" Nude Pic Leaks

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Sep. 02, 2014

Now that anyone who wanted to see the pictures has done so, and anyone who felt repelled by them stayed away, the controversy of the leaked nude images from Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kirsten Dunst and more (also known as "The Fappening") is in full swing.  As we reported earlier, Kirsten Dunst commented via Twitter about her images, as did Mary Elizabeth Winstead. But not many others directly involved have made a peep aside from Jennifer Lawrence's camp stating that “This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence."

But that's not stopping other celebrities from getting involved and giving their take on the matter. Here's a pretty full list of celebrities who have made comment one way or the other.

Seth Rogen

Emma Watson

Christine Teigen, model

Ricky Gervais

Patricia Arquette

Ashley Madekwe, actress from Revenge

Anna Kendrick

Ariana Grande, pop singer

Lena Dunham

Victoria Justice, pop singer

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Kirsten Dunst

Tom Arnold

Billy Eichner, comedian, Funny or Die

McKayla Maroney, Olympic gold medalist

Reddit has since deleted the images of McKayla Maroney stating that she was underage at the time of the photos, which seems to allege that they are real?

We'll keep you posted in this thread if more celebrities chime in on the photos.

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source: CBS News

aaraven User

thousands of people get their bank info, credit cards, tax info, etc hacked and stolen everyday. This ruins lives, but I guess retarded celebs who can't use local storage to keep their "naughty" pics deserve more sympathy... Shut up and count your money....

Oscuradinoda User

Billy Eichner lol idiots who choose to go traipsing around people who blow themselves and their children. no i am not saying they deserve it but I also do not shoot a bullet at my head and act all surprised when i die.

NewestLeaked User

All New leaked photo is out again at  »»

Diamond Royale
Diamond Royale

That doesn't excuse their invasion of privacy without consent.

Chad-Carr-428 User

Oh and McKayla, get over yourself. Either they're fake as you have said or you produced some "child porn" as the media has asserted. You allowed the pics to be taken when YOU were underage don't get butthurt because they escaped the "protected" custody of Apple....

Chad-Carr-428 User

It's really not that big of a deal. The "collection" is bunk except for 2 of the names on the list. I'll let you guess which are the best....

lordtoad User

If a women left her purse on the seat of a convertible car, while its top was down, and someone stole it, that would be a crime, but no one would argue she was an idiot for leaving it there, and the cops would give a crap.

Celebrities need to get over themselves. Group molestation... Give us a break!

bananaexperience User

The only reason these celebrities are mad is because they didn't make any money off of these pictures

Chubbee User

They're just pissed because they didn't get paid for the pics

ChillBilly User

They are really making a big deal out of nothing. Not to mention they are making a killing off this publicity.

Lloyd Neil
Lloyd Neil

I wouldnt worry. 4chan now has a DMCA, im sure that will fix the whole thing. Unless, people use other sites...oh, this will get worse, yes it will.

Carlos Guvetis
Carlos Guvetis

People can take nude photos of theirself or allow them to be taken and they shouldn't have to worry about those photos going public unless they want them to go public... People can leave their car unlocked with the key in it and shouldn't have to worry about anybody taking their car. But they do have to worry about it. Their are digital cameras that aren't connected to iCloud or the internet. They could take the most intimate pictures imaginable and nobody would see them unless they wanted for them to be seen. It's wrong for photos to be stolen. It's an invasion of privacy for someone to hack into your account and take or copy anything. BUT I do think it's hilarious to see people saying things like "anybody that looks at those pictures is a sexual molester". It's an invasion of privacy to steal them. You could even feel like it's an invasion of privacy for people to view them, but sexual molester? You would compare your embarrassment to a person that has their clothes ripped off and forceably entered? Or someone groped against their will? It was a crime that the pictures were stolen, but don't try to make it more than it is because you're embarrassed. Next I expect someone to say their innocence was murdered so anybody that looks at those pictures is a murderer. Use common sense. If you want to take nude pictures of yourself, don't use anything connected to the outside. Use a camera that puts the pictures on a memory card and put the memory card in a well made safe or safe deposit box.

AdFunk User

Just don't take nude pictures with your phone.. simple as. Use a proper camera, like an adult.

grandiloquent User

all of these celeb's who commented on it are idiots.  making yourself a public figure is painting a target above your head.  you don't want these pics surfacing -- don't take them.  you don't want someone to read what you wrote, don't write it.

wumidk User

If only they would put as much efford into capturing and punish REAL sexoffenders just as hard

freenema User

funny how some of these people who made a crapload of money showing off their naked or nearly naked bodies are so outraged about this "violation"

Shane Jones
Shane Jones

I love the ones that say they are come you had them took down? Why are they took down if they aren't your property or real? There are nude fakes all over the internet you haven't taken down??

KealGSeo User

I love that people are claiming they are fake.

CombatInfantry User

seth rogen was probably zooming the shit out of those pix while smoking a joint. Hypocrites.

Jose-Canseco-636 User

DAMN if only emma Watson was as stupid as kate upton.

David Colantuono
David Colantuono

If that's the case where there's no such thing as privacy anymore for a celebrity, why aren't there nude pics of every celebrity taking a shower or using the know, normal routine things? After all, there's no such thing as privacy anymore, right?

Billyraymontana User

prolly every single one of these celebs looked at the pics

Jason Brock
Jason Brock

Did someone inform him there was "internet" back then?

Joey BlackWolf Hellman
Joey BlackWolf Hellman

I do feel bad for the leaks, but at the same time its their fault once you're a celebrity their no such thing as privacy anymore people will find anything about them even nudes

Scott Cheramie
Scott Cheramie

Who is encouraging anyone? Was that directed at me?

Chris Hommel
Chris Hommel

People need to stop encouraging Jeff Dunham

kingdomofnothing User

Sex offender comment by that dude with the shitty hairdo was just stupid as hell. Someone needs to punch him in his face...

Erick Painter
Erick Painter

Alot of these actresses do nude scenes. O h they get paid for that .

depova User

@bananaexperience If you think about it, it probably cost them a ton.  Jennifer Lawrence could have gotten a ton for a nude scene in a movie.

Dave-Wave-952 User

In an ideal world yes, but if we get to choose ideals... I'll take no one gets raped/murdered/assaulted over no one gets their selfie noodz hacked. We don't live in an ideal world, and a sizable portion of the worlds population will harm you, given the chance. That will never change. Sorry.

pigshindleg User

yup, all the Tom & Roseanne pics were traded over usenet news. Wouldn't know which group though. Left a lot of people scarred for life.

Josh-Cramer-629 User

Hell yeah! I saw it all. There were farm animals, I met Santa Claus, and saw a check grinding on a 2incher. Twas a sight to see. Some celebs are freaky!