You Had One Job: 83 Monumental Work Fails to Celebrate Labor Day

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Aug. 29, 2014

This Monday is Labor Day, a day when we get a three day weekend to take time off from updating our Facebook statuses, planning our office football pools and taking bare butt selfies in the office copy room. While Labor Day is meant to celebrate and honor “the achievements of the American worker” I say it should really celebrate how much we all suck at our jobs.  

Bet you’d like to make her go into labor.  Like...because coitus...or..nevermind.

Most people are terrible at what they do. Think about it. We all like to complain about the government, the school system and the people we worth with, but no one wants to take the blame for themselves. Everyone is just as bad at their job as the next guy and I say it’s time we own up to it! There is plenty of evidence all around.

Could have made the print smaller, maybe.

While you’re making small talk with the people you tolerate, at the barbecue you couldn’t think of an excuse for getting out of going to; reflect on these achievements of workers everywhere!




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Chris-Peterson-804 User

most of these are just an example of what you get when you hire illegal aliens

Mark Mathis
Mark Mathis

I'd click, but I honestly don't want to ruin the screen grab. Sorry. :-/

Steve Quinn
Steve Quinn

That is NOT a fail... Not by any means!

Mouni Moun
Mouni Moun

Nassima Nina sa va être bientôt comme ça :D

Shane Duncan
Shane Duncan

Andrew Jensen Andrew Harris Aaron Duncan Kerry Gilmore Bryan Paget

Al_Caholic User

The shoe insoles are correct.  They are just upside down and in the wrong shoes.  They clearly say "Fabric side up".

Juan-Koback-548 User

The stack of pallets that r 3 high with labels that day do not stack...that is very normal to do on a daily basis

Joel Trottier
Joel Trottier

Sérieux!! Ont entourer d'incompétent.. Mais, j'avoue ça fait des belle photos.

Thomas-Buster-547 User

A lot of these are Chinese knockoffs.  It's to be expected.

Knightlight User

I saw the one wrong with 'College World Series' the world series would be many countries also taking part in it, but its only the USA, so it cant be world series, so that's what is wrong with that one.

jclv User

The stair rail was just broken on each end and pivoted on the middle bracket.  

The rail across the door is obviously a small pipe or broom handle stuck in between the ends of the rail.

moloboe User

Now this is the kind of gallery Break needs more of; this was really good! I would like to see them on individual pages next time

bananaexperience User

that calculator one just shows the last answer and I would love that backpack that says batman and shows a picture of superman on it.