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Cheating is one of those things that we like to say is the biggest no-no in relationships but then for whatever reasons it still happens all the damn time. You would think that people would want to be smooth about the whole process and not get caught if they were going to bother possibly ruining their life over some sex, but somehow plenty of people manage to get caught up on camera, walked in on, or knock up their mistress and have the whole random baby thing to show for it. Whatever you decide to do in your relationships, cheating or otherwise, don’t ever, ever do the dumb things that these people have done.

Don’t Piss Off a Crane Operator, Okay?

You probably don’t really want to mess with a crane operator in general, after all they are accustomed to demolishing things with a lot of force. But after seeing this video, you probably won’t want to sleep with one’s wife either. Here’s a situation where a crane operator catches his wife cheating and proceeds to demolish the dude’s car, boat, and trailer. Maybe they should have seen this coming.

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Keeping the Cheating In the Family

One dude in China apparently did not to want to sleep with his wife anymore, because he was caught cheating in a very compromising position. We can be sure the infidelity wasn’t over looks or anything however, since he was actually cheating on her wife with her twin sister. Weren’t enough brunettes to choose from in China, maybe. Sure his wife felt really great about that.

As if that wasn’t totally weird enough, all this went down in a mall parking lot. Because why keep things safe and sound in the privacy of one’s own home when you can really live on the edge right? Well, when Cheng’s wife followed him to the mall she caught him getting busy with her sis. He then jumped out of the car totally naked, which his wife took as an opportunity to jump in the car, and then the twin also jumped out because she was probably terrified as one would expect in such a situation. Naturally the wife drove away and left the cheaters stranded in their birthday suits. Since this was a public parking lot and all, there was plenty of footage caught on tape.

Seriously why. Why were we not there for this?

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Not What You’re Planning to Need Your Best Man For

In most of these cheating scenarios, the cheaters are caught by the offended party, which is why they can get so out of hand. You know, rage and all that jazz. Even temporary insanity sometimes. But here’s an interesting situation where a cheating wife was actually caught by a member of her husband’s wedding party. He keeps his cool while calling them out, and of course getting them on tape. It didn’t happen if there aren’t any photos after all. If you bros aren’t there for calling out your cheating wife then what are they good for? Would your friends do this for you? Besties.

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Don’t Cheat and Knock Up Your Mistress

If you’re going to cheat on someone, you might want to consider using a condom for about 25 reasons, but one being because unprotected sex often leads to making humans. Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of those people who forgot how sex works when he decided to cheat on his then wife Maria Shriver with their damn nanny. Obviously, he ended up knocking the nanny up, which was only made weirder by the fact that he birthed another child with Maria around the same time as his cheater baby. That guy needs to slow down. It’s much harder to say that the cheating scandal never happened when you have a fertilized egg as proof.

Remember when he was an actor?

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Don’t Get Domestic When you Cheat

Some statistics say that the cheating rate is about 70 percent in military relationships, what with all the time away from each other and whatnot. In this case a concerned friend finds his besties wife at the grocery store with presumably their child but a different man who is not her dear husband. Since the two of them are casually grocery shopping it looks like the misses was looking for a whole husband replacement, not just a sex buddy. Whoops. That’s the worst kind.

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Don’t Cheat With Someone Your Lover Knows

Now here’s a circumstance where a guy walks in on his girl doing him dirty, but then it gets all the worse when you realize that she’s with someone he knows. Ugh.That’s just like twice as awkward, because you know that they are going to run into each other again under normal circumstances and make a scene at the company party or something.

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Don’t Post About Your Cheating Ways On Facebook

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It would be a much better world if idiots didn’t do idiotic things. Like maybe if people knew better than to air their super dirty laundry on a public forum like Facebook but for some reason they don’t. They just really don’t, it’s embarrassing.However, it is also really fun for us as the far removed observer. If anything it can make your own dating troubles seem a little less spastic.

For one thing, don’t post about another guy giving you hickies when your boyfriend is deployed. They still have access to the internet at war, okay? Also, who over the age of 14 is interested in giving or recieving hickies anyway? You know that’s a bruise right? That’s a really weird thing to put on social media.  Anyway.

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It’s hard to even figure out exactly what’s happening here, but it sure looks like Mercedes has a lot going on in her dating life.

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Some people aren’t entirely clear about how this whole dating thing works, apparently. To clear up this chicks issue, don’t try to date married people and then you definitely won’t get left by a guy who “wanted to be with his wife”. Is that technically cheating on you? Pretty sure he was cheating WITH you.

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And then of course there are the people who feel the need to post about catching their cheating lovers on Facebook, for the moral support maybe? Or no, probably the shaming the cheater aspect. That sounds about right. Get them back real good by letting everyone you know that they decided to sleep with someone else instead of you. This guy didn’t learn his lesson when he caught his girl trying to take another guy home, but he did when he actually walked in on her in bed with someone. Hey, some things take time.

This one has some colorful language attached. Click here to finish this delightful story.

What is it with the roommate (and flatmate, and housemate) cheating? Just can’t help yourselves? This guy has a real mouth on himself, just FYI. He definitely does not approve of his cheating girlfriend. But then again who does.

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Do Make an Impressive Dramatic Exit, If You Must Exit Dramatically

This amazing display of cheating caught on camera is almost too amazing to believe. Okay, maybe it isn’t real at all but it should be. This one is not in English so we don’t get to hear what the onlookers have to say about it, but it’s really not difficult to see what’s happening here. The clip begins with a couple fighting on a balcony, but it really gets great when the lover escapes. You have to watch to see how he does it but man, props. Pretend that it’s definitely real it’s more fun that way.

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Don’t Deny the Obvious

In this situation, boyfriend A covers his girl’s eyes and prepares her to get a surprise. Spoiler…the surprise is boyfriend B! Obviously they had someone else there filming this delightful encounter. For the memories, no doubt. For some reason she tries to deny it which is totally weird.


When Things Get Physical

So, apparently when some girls get caught cheating in the park the dudes decide it’s a good idea to have an awkward fight. Obviously the person filming it had the right idea by capturing it for us to see. Gotta stand up for your rights, right?

It’s Rough When the Cheater Doesn’t Even Try to Deny It

Here’s a video where a guy is planning on ruining his cheating girlfriends life by videotaping her in bed with the other dude, but she doesn’t really care. That’s just cold. You can at least pretend to feel bad while the camera is rolling and then go back to spooning your other man. Poor guy.

Check out that video right here.

This girl at least showed a little remorse but mostly because she just didn’t want the video ending up on the internet. Smart lady. It didn’t work though, since here it is on the internet for all to see. He also expressed his desire for a divorce, and that he was going to send the video to her sister. She’s probobly seen it by now.

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It sure does seem like we’re seeing an awful lot of cheating examples where the woman in the cheater, doesn’t it? This is particularly interesting to note since statistically more men are cheaters than women. But apparently men are more interested in video taping their cheating ladies and making them pay for it? Perhaps women are more likely to take the route of crying to their best friends in private.

When women do cheat, supposedly they do it more selectively than men do. Meaning they’re less likely to pick up any random dude and more likely to set their sights on a specific person…particularly when they are ovulating. Damn, biology! Men on the other hand tend to cheat opportunistically which means they’ll sleep with people who are less desirable and attractive than the girl they call their own. So how many people are actually doing it? Some stats suggest that anywhere between 30-60 percent of married people cheat, but it might even be higher than that because it’s a little hard to track. Guess that explains why there are so many delightful videos to watch of people caught cheating.

Just can’t get enough of all the fun? Here’s a delightful compilation of cheaters on tape (and some acts of revenge) set to some gentle jamming tunes to set the mood. What fun!

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