Cash her INSIDE! Danielle Bregoli To Tour

Cash her INSIDE!

Ever watch a Nirvana video on YouTube and think, man, if only I had gotten the chance to see them live? Well don’t let that happen to you and once-in-a-generation talent Danielle Bregoli!

Yes, the “Cash me ousside, how bow dah” girl is taking her act on the road and might be heading to a city near you. While the specifics of the concert are hazy, TMZ reports that her touring show will likely feature Danielle lip-synching some of her favorite songs, a question and answer section, and will close out with Danielle roasting audience members.

Is her team reading this? Can she open by lip-synching this song? The thought of people paying money to see her lip-synch to her own voice makes me happy:

The Q+A will probably look like this:

And for the unaware, Danielle’s made a series of roast videos on her YouTube channel. If you’re a fan of master quipsters like Anthony Jeselnik and Greg Giraldo, make sure to check out her clever jibes, like in this video of her roasting attendees of the Met Gala, which includes such quotables as “Wonna da bitches wore a fucking garbage bag” and “Oh, look it’s a homeless guy. I thought that was Childish Gambino, why it say ‘Donald Glover’”?

I wonder if she’s going to take requests at her show. My favorite moment from his is definitely when she told Dr. Phil “I made you just like how Oprah made you. You were nothing before I came on this show.”

So make sure to get tickets and pay in CASH! Or credit. Or debit. Or Bitcoin. You might also want to consider not buying a ticket.