Vegas A-Hole Buys 400 Cases Of Beer, Builds Fortress Around VIP Table

If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars to seclude yourself at your VIP table with cases of expensive beer, Vegas is the place to do it. How much was spent exactly? Apparently $80,000.

My question is (aside from why spend a ridiculous amount of money on something so dumb) isn’t the point of being in Vegas to be around people? At least one would assume that, since it’s crowded as all hell. So I’d imagine if you wanted some solitude, you’d go somewhere, y’know, NOT Vegas.

The identity of the high roller hasn’t been revealed, but the photo came courtesy of ESPN sports reporter Darren Rovell who tagged the XS Nightclub owner Tim Trendell, a club I’d never heard of and from the looks of it, probably couldn’t afford anyway.

I’ll stick with my Miller Lite thank you very much. I’m sure Mr. Personality has been wanting to do this ever since the high school cheerleader he had a crush on made fun of his glasses Freshmen year. Whatever the reason, everyone had to’ve been so impressed. Or too drunk to notice. Yeah, probably too drunk to notice.

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source: EliteDaily