Carly Foulkes; Well Hello There!

Who is Carly Foulkes? You probably know her better by her other name, The T-Mobile Girl, who was T-Mobile’s spokesperson from Fall 2010 until Spring 2013. This model and actress hails from Toronto, Canada but moved to New York after high school to model professionally. Carly worked in Singapore and Europe and has appeared in campaigns for such notable brands like Ralph Lauren, Macy’s, Tommy Hilfier and Abercrombie & Fitch. She returned to New York to pursue acting and was chosen to become the T-Mobile spokesperson in 2010. Carly stood out in her audition for using the English pronunciation of  “mobile” which rhymes with “smile” instead of the American version. Carly follows in the illustrious shoes of former T-Mobile spokesperson, Catherine Zeta-Jones. In the commercials, Carly became well-known for wearing pink/magenta-and-white dresses which she later traded in for a pink-and-black leather-clad biker girl outfit when she played the Alter Ego of the T-Mobile Girl. Carly’s looks are often compared to Anne Hathaway and she is sometimes mistaken for actress Jessica Pare who is a fellow Canadian and plays Megan Draper on the AMC series, Mad Men. One thing that does not appear to be a mistake is that it is Carly in the nude picture leaks that infiltrated the internet in late September 2014. Along with a long list of other celebrities, models and sports figures, Carly’s personal photos were stolen from her iPhone Cloud account and leaked on to the web. Although most of Carly’s pictures are not nudes, they don’t seem like they were for public consumption. Hmmm, wonder if Carly’s phone carrier is T-Mobile?

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Although Carly hasn’t publicly confirmed that the nude pictures are definitely hers, it would be hard for her to deny that it isn’t her since in most of the pictures you can see her face. In one particularly interesting and stimulating photo, there are 3 naked girls in a bathtub and it’s hard to see if Carly is one of the three girls since the woman that would be Carly is laughing and her head is thrown back. In another full frontal nudity photo, the woman in the picture has her face covered by a sheer cloth. Her body looks so emaciated, you can see her rib and she has small breasts. In the rest of the pictures, you can see Carly’s face. In many of the photos, she’s wearing a black bowtie, black lacey bra and grey sweatpants.  In these pictures, you can see Carly’s multiple tattoos. She has several small, visible tattoos on her arm and a red flower near her wrist. The one near her hip looks like a starburst or a sun. None of these photos look like selfies and it seems like Carly is posing for the pictures. In one, she’s lying in bed, in another, she’s holding bow tie and in 2 pictures, she seems to be playing with an object attached to a black wire, perhaps it’s a weird whip. In one picture that looks like it could be an ad, Carly is in her underwear, wearing a tank top and standing in front of a record player. Next to the record player is the Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper album. Whether it’s Carly or not in the pictures where you can’t see her face, the one thing, this hacked photos say is that the T-Mobile girl seems to have a wild side.

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Guys think Carly has the double whammy appeal of being both adorable and hot. She’s become a sex symbol since the T-Mobile ads made her a familiar face. On May 18, 2011, Carly was featured in Sports Illustrated’s on line feature, “Hot Clicks” and in July 2011, Airman Adam Stelmack asked Carly to the Air Force Ball in Guam. She sent him a video politely declining and although disappointed, Stelmack did say he was happy to get a response,”I was ecstatic that I found out even though she said no and that she was busy, I was still extremely pleased that she went out of her way and took the time to make a video for me.” Business Insider named Carly as “one of the most recognizable brand spokespeople” in March 2013 but in April 2013, T-Mobile went with a new advertising campaign that didn’t’ include Carly which ended her almost 3 year association with the brand. In October 2013, T-Mobile officially announced that singer Shakira would be their new spokesperson.

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