High School Principal Promises Trip To Strip Club For Good Grades

Lately, it seems that teachers are giving zero f**ks about their teaching methods and behavior. First there was that teacher who let his students have sex in a classroom closet then there was the other one who gave his students extra credit for taking selfies with their parents’ sex toys. Now, Carlos Borrero aims to join that prestigious of list of educational WTF-ery. He has been accused of promising students a trip to the strip club for doing well in their studies.

Borrero is not a teacher, but the principal at the High School for Community Leadership in Queens, New York – so that makes these accusations even more special. He must be going for the craziest teacher of the year award because this “strip club for good grades” initiative isn’t sitting too well with parents, obviously. But I’m sure there are some students who probably think that is way better than a congratulatory pizza party.

Stacey Long, a former teacher at the school filed a suit against Borrero when he allegedly presented this initiative back in 2012. It also turns out that rewarding his students with lap dances wasn’t that only thing Borrero was accused of. Long said that he encouraged her to wear suggestive clothing to get the attention of students while she was teaching. Well, I guess that’s one way to do it.

After she refused Borrero’s suggestions to skank up her wardrobe (for the children of course), she says she was forced to resign.
I guess we’ll just have to see how this all pans out. But Borrero should really consider brining this to a more appropriate age level. It seems like a more collegiate initiative. He can call it “T&A for A’s.”