Car Smashes Through Restaurant Window And Strikes Dining Psychic

Breakers, I don’t wanna make the obvious joke about how isn’t it odd we never see a headline reading “PSYCHIC WINS LOTTO,” you know, with the implication being that those folks are hokum merchants, but just yesterday during my weekly visit with my psychic she gazed into her crystal ball and prognosticated, “Oh, Roger T, I see it foretold in the stars above, tomorrow you will come into the offices at Break and write a post beginning with that joke about how you never see a headline reading ‘PSYCHIC WINS LOTTO.’”


Or at least my personal psychic Esmerelda is legit; the jury’s still out on Blair Robertson, who was struck by a car that plowed through the window of the restaurant where he was dining. Get it, like he should have seen it coming? Did you see me saying “he should have seen it coming” coming? I’m sorry, but I had no choice. I had to say that; this is an article about a physic enduring a mishap and that is the law.

Here’s the CCTV from Silk’s Country Kitchen in Ontario, Canada.

Blaire says the driver was not charged and allowed to go home. Wow. They were not kidding about the cops in Canada being much nicer.

The driver, by the way, was not under the influence of alcohol, just under the far more debilitating effects of being 85. According to his YouTube page, “Blair Robertson intends to use this event to raise awareness of monitoring elderly drivers to prevent this epidemic from happening to others with disastrous results.” Not to beat the whole “you’re a psychic” thing to death, but couldn’t you redirect some of your energy from telling divorcees the man of their dreams is around the corner to warning us all when a doddering crone behind the wheel of two-ton death machine is about to plow through plate glass?

In the mood for more cars crashing through windows? Then please watch the following compilation video and consider taking the bus today.