It's Time For A Fun But Pointless Caption Contest

MichaelKolander by MichaelKolander on May. 12, 2014

See this pic? Take a good look. Do you think you can come up with a funny caption for it?

If so, leave your attempt at humor in the comment section below, and at 12:00 am on Thursday, May 15th, we'll look at the highest rated entries and pick our favorite.

Why are we doing this? Because a lot of your normal comments are really funny.

What will the winner get? We can probably spare a T-Shirt, and maybe some other random junk that's sitting around our office. But no promises. This is more about pride. The best way to find out is to win and see what we send.

So scroll down and get to it. And don't forget to log in and upvote your favorite comments, as well. Or just sit there and lurk like you always do.

Catie Willis
Catie Willis

9 years ago .....a person named Jerry got dared to sleep in a house that was believed to be haunted. The next day his friends waited for him outside the house....They had to go inside and search for him. They went through every room but the attic. He wasn't suppose to sleep in the attic. He was suppose to sleep in the living room they went to the attic. They found Jerry's corpse and they left because they got scared. But that night all died because of their friend. He killed them all for making him sleep in the house if you don't send this to 11 comments you will die tonight by Jerry.Example 1: a man named stewart read this and didnt believe it. He shut off his computer and went through his day . That night while he was in bed he heard something out his door. He got up to look his dead now. Example 2:a girl named Haley read this in the morning and she got scared but didn't send it . She wanted to know if it was true. She went to school ( she was only 13 years old) and that night she died. If you dont post this to 11 comments tonight Jerry will 'visit' you and he isn't fake. Apparently if you copy and paste this to 11 comments in the next ten minutes you will have the best day of your life tomorrow. You will either get kissed or asked out, if you brake this chain you will see a little dead girl in your room tonight. In the next 53 minutes someone will say I love you or I'm Sorry

Nick-Shaw-527 User

a wiener got my wiener but im in first place so im a wiener

HiFiver User


Janeen-Gammon-803 User

Kibbles and bits, kibbles and bits, I'm gonna get me some kibbles and bits!

Tj-Booze-145 User

20 bucks says that it touches the water while he takes a poo.

Eric-Hilton-974 User

Dogs love Italian sausage WAY MORE than Mexican sausage! Especially when they can chase it down!

Anthony-Frawley-63 User

wow, mine wasnt great, but reading through these... you guys are morons...

Audrey Piechowicz
Audrey Piechowicz

Hey wait up, dude. I think you got something hanging from the front.


New grads from the Border Patrol Canine Academy show off at a baseball game.

plunky User

you can meet the dog at the park, but don't park the dog on the meat!

callaghan99 User

Dog goes straight for third base......

netdog2000 User

Sadly the Mexican runner was disqualified at the end of the race for losing his ball dog!!


Pascuale, younger cousin of Mario & Luigi,..isn't having the same success!

NewUser2014 User

+ if I win the Break staff have to ship the t-shirt overseas


Which Kardashian sex tape is this?

RenderGod User

During Delivery Trials 2014, Pizza Porker's Mascot nearly lost his Pepperoni!

12345566 User

'Low contact sport' they said, 'leave your cup at home' they said...

Default-winning User

by the way keep the break Tee i would be ashamed to wear that

Cool-Jon-1 User

No Shame No Game, Unless your Dildos' to blame.

Titler User

Two Balls and he's Out!

gomer17 User

Boppity boopy, bibbity boppy, bo bo bippity ba ba bo bo, le mie palle!

COHockey User

That's the worst case of poodlenuts I have ever seen. 

Adak User

Right in the pringles!

COHockey User

Mr Fluffles was tired of being called an ankle biter.

Indiglow User

Just minutes after Team Germany had been disqualified from the World Championship "Run till your wiener drops" marathon, they unleashed their secret weapon. But as usual, Team France was running wiener-less and was unaffected.

JACksons57 User

Aye Carrumba! He's hung like a dog!

gigolojoe334 User

fluffy always wanted to be a wiener dog

TalkingHead User

Aye Yai Yai my poodle is on your noodle