Canadian Man’s Butt Probed For TV Research

A man from Brampton, Ontario is suing his hospital after he went in for a rectal exam and later found out that not everyone in the room was a doctor.  Turns out that actors from a Canadian medical drama called Saving Hope were in the room to conduct research.  Ass research.  As an added bonus, saving Hope isn’t just a medical drama, it’s a supernatural medical drama.  From Canada.  If you’ve ever watched Canadian television you know what a treat this must be.  Here, watch the beginning of Degrassi Junior High from the 1980s.

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Not Canadian enough?  What about this terrifying compilation of madness?

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My apologies to all of Canada for bringing that terrifying thing up, and to the rest of the world for sharing it, but it’s just for context.  Canadian TV is…what’s the tactful word?  Awful?  Shittastic?  This?

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That was a television adaptation of The Crow, starring the Chairman from Iron Chef: America.  Let that stew in your brain for a second.

Knowing what you now know of Canadian TV, you can appreciate why this man didn’t want his butthole and beyond having nay part of it.  He’s suing the hospital and the actors for $100,000 (He’s Canadian, so the idea of going for millions didn’t occur to him as it would be too impolite).

According to the hospital, they take patient privacy very seriously and would never compromise a patient’s rights in any way.  Of course they can’t speak about any specific case either as that also would be a violation of privacy.  So they can’t really claim one way or the other if they let actors from supernatural medical dramas come in and look at people’s asses in the middle of procedures under the guise of being real doctors.

The case has yet to go to court but if it does and the allegations are proven true, you may actually want to check out Saving Hope as they apparently do serious and disgusting research to make their show as interesting as possible.