Canadian City Builds Memorial To Wrong Man!

Oh Canada! No really, Oh Canada, you screwed up big time this one. Don’t worry though, its Canada so it’s kind of adorable and will be good for a laugh over a pint of Molson.

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The city of Ottawa wanted to celebrate the life of a nice Canadian man named Jack Purcell who, before his death in 1966 fixed broken hockey sticks and gave them away to children. They named a park after him and commissioned a design firm to create artwork honoring his legacy to the local community. This couldn’t be more Canadian unless he delivered the hockey sticks while riding a moose and chugging maple syrup.

“Always be the right Jack Purcell” is a life lesson to live by.

Ottawa however, accidently got a memorial to a DIFFERENT Jack Purcell, a man who died in 1991 and was a champion Canadian badminton player. Apparently someone on the design team just googled “Jack Purcell” and assumed badminton Jack Purcell was their guy. Thus instead of hockey sticks, the park was adorned with giant metal badminton rackets, confusing everyone. The art installation already cost the city $50 thousand dollars, so the badminton rackets are staying there and the city is claiming they are “futuristic trees.” That’s why working on the Internet is awesome; you can delete your mistakes; now one guy’s bad mistake is there for everyone in Ottawa to see. It’s like a real life typo that won’t go away.

This park is now honoring the Jack Purcell who made broken hand mirrors.

Have you ever Googled your own name and were horrified to discover many other people out there with the same name as you? And not only do they have the same name as you, but they are doing a lot better in life than you? You can be a champion badminton player at the top of your game, and some other Canadian is going to be a super nice guy and give away hockey sticks to school kids and make you look like a dick! You are not a snowflake! While this whole situation seems like an honest mistake, the question I have is: who approved the badmitton racket designs in the first place? Were they just too nice to say something? If so, I have a feeling both Jack Purcells would approve.

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