Women’s Group In Canada Will Send You A Nude Selfie If You Confirm You Voted

Tired of P. Diddy or whatever he’s called now telling you to Rock The Vote? In today’s internet age, people need incentive to literally do anything with themselves. So registering to vote in your state, stepping away from your computer to stand in a line with a bunch of old people just to make a vote for something that you don’t think will make a difference toward improving your life is a tall order to get kids to achieve. Well Canada’s got the right idea, especially this group of ladies called “Sluts Against Harper” because they are sending nude photos of themselves after you confirm that you have cast your vote in their current Federal Election.

24-year-old Jessica Simps is the woman Canadians can thank for doing the good deed by asking you to get out there and vote with a little sexiness in return. Apparently she first made a joke on her facebook page saying she’d give out free blowjobs to anyone that voted, especially any votes against current Prime Minster Stephen Harper, but said that she thought it probably scared people away. Plus she’s not really considering the married or spoken for demographic, so nude selfies it is and apparently it’s working pretty well…as if you couldn’t have guessed.

She does say she’s urging people to not vote for Stephen Harper but you’re going to get a nude selfie no matter who you vote for. She’s just glad people will hopefully be going out to vote this time around.

Here are some promotional photos Simps and her team of “sluts” (that’s what they’re calling themselves, get off my back) has sent out via their Instagram.

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Okay, but are they REALLY sending nude selfies to people that have voted?  They sure are.

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That’s great, but how do we send Sluts Against Harper a notification that we voted?! Well first, you have to be a registered voter in Canada and then cast your Federal Election vote. Then, DM the Sluts Against Harper Instagram proving that you voted.

America, are you seeing this? Let’s get it together before Trump is elected for the love of God.