Can You Tell Which of These 40 Buzzfeed Quizzes Are Real?

As the dumbest people on your Facebook have shown you, Internet quizzes are as popular as ever. Why? Is it our love of being categorized? Our desperate need to have something in common with Han Solo and Gollum? We don’t know. We’re not psychologists. Unfortunately, neither are the quizmasters diagnosing you from Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed ran out of ideas several years ago, and now they ask unrevealing questions and pretend that determines which Sex and the City character you should finger. Are these stupid, insane quizzes the work of sarcastic geniuses? Trolls? Probably not since the rest of Buzzfeed is word salad smashed between animated gifs. A Buzzfeed writer needs a note from his primatologist to legally use scissors. But thanks to them, we can play:


The rules are simple. We add three fake (as of press time) Buzzfeed quizzes to the one they really, truly published. See if you can spot all 10 of the real ones! (Answers revealed at the end)


[[contentId: 2598783| | style: height:155px; width:500px]]


[[contentId: 2598795| | style: height:204px; width:500px]]


[[contentId: 2598784| | style: height:155px; width:500px]]


[[contentId: 2598796| | style: height:280px; width:500px]]


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[[contentId: 2598797| | style: height:192px; width:256px]]


[[contentId: 2598786| | style: height:155px; width:500px]]


[[contentId: 2598798| | style: height:169px; width:300px]]


[[contentId: 2598787| | style: height:155px; width:500px]]


[[contentId: 2598799| | style: height:140px; width:250px]]


[[contentId: 2598788| | style: height:155px; width:500px]]


[[contentId: 2598800| | style: height:281px; width:500px]]


[[contentId: 2598789| | style: height:155px; width:500px]]


[[contentId: 2598801| | style: height:240px; width:420px]]


[[contentId: 2598790| | style: height:155px; width:500px]]


[[contentId: 2598802| | style: height:337px; width:600px]]


[[contentId: 2598791| | style: height:155px; width:500px]]


[[contentId: 2598803| | style: height:282px; width:500px]]


[[contentId: 2598792| | style: height:155px; width:500px]]


[[contentId: 2598804| | style: height:250px; width:245px]]


[[contentId: 2598793| | style: height:190px; width:500px]]

Though it seems impossible, every C on this list was an actual Buzzfeed quiz.

To recap: How In Love With Cheese Are You?, Which Ousted Arab Spring Ruler Are You?, How Experienced in Pooping Are You?, Which Gay Icon Should You Go To Brunch With?, What Sundress Are You Trevor Nathaniel Rager?, How Big Are Your Boobs?, How Extreme Is Your Devotion to Pizza?, Which Shakira Are You?, How Many of These Butts Would You Touch?, and of course How Badly Do You Suffer From Writer’s Block? were all real. So think about who put that test together before you post which character from Frozen it revealed you to be.