Some Dude Got A Caitlyn Jenner Tattoo But It Looks More Like Craig T. Nelson

Now that it’s 2015 and everyone on the internet is thirsty for attention, getting dumb tattoos might be the easy way to get it. When there’s a burst of interest regarding something in pop culture, and someone gets a tattoo of it, it’s usually just as a joke to get a rise out of the internet for about 45 seconds. 50 seconds if there’s boobs.

Unfortunately for this fan of Caitlyn Jenner, their tattoo just really isn’t that, well, good. If you’re going to get a tattoo of something…something that will be on your body for the rest of your life…make sure you hire a decent artist and pay that artist handsomely so you don’t have to constantly explain why Caitlyn looks like Craig T. Nelson.

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The last big one we can remember was some dude getting the Super Bowl’s Left Shark tattooed on his body but today, someone finally (and I mean finally, because Bruce Jenner has been Caitlyn for a full month now!) got a tattoo of Caitlyn Jenner on their forearm depicting her Vanity Fair cover photo.

Regardless, Jason Hatfield didn’t get the Caitlyn tattoo as a joke, he got it because she represented something special in the transgender and LGBT community. Fair enough. But seriously, get someone to fix it up at least.