Caitlyn Jenner Denied Access To Male Only Dining Room At Exclusive Golf Course?

For the past 15 years the former Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn has been a member of one of the most expensive and exclusive country clubs in the nation which costs $225,000 just to join. The Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, CA is where Hollywood stars and executives hit the links to talk business and schmooze with the bros. How nice.



According to TMZ Jenner goes there almost every day and has a close relationship with many golfing buddies including Wayne Gretzky. However, now that Bruce is Caitlyn, this may complicate those relationships as the club has policies that segregate the men from the women. The main dining room is male only and is actually attached to the men’s locker room. Women are not allowed in the men’s only dining room and have their own, separate but reportedly not as equal place to eat of their own. The women’s dining room is “scaled down.”[

Looks… fun?

That’s crazy; the restaurant is attached to the men’s locker room? I’m assuming the swanky joint has a buffer between the locker room and the dining room. I’m not sure who would want the sweet smell of rich old man ball sweat wafting through swinging doors and into the dining room when you’re trying to enjoy your Foie gras next to Justin Timberlake and Adam Sandler (both members). Although to be fair if anyone is suffering from particularly sweaty balls, this is the type of place that probably has towel boys for that sort of thing.

TMZ says that the Sherwood board will most likely enforce the gender rules meaning that Caitlyn will use the women’s dining room. However is she wants to, Caitlyn can make an appeal to allow her to enjoy the same privileges she had as Bruce. The club is closed for renovations until December so hopefully they figure it all out.

What do you think? Should Caitlyn be allowed to still dine in the men’s only dining room? After all she is paying all that money to be a member there and it is the one place she can go to hide, that the Kardashian girls are not allowed in.

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Source: TMZ