ESPY’s Giving Caitlyn Jenner Courage Award And People Are Furious

The Espy Awards (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award) will air on July, a ceremony created to hand out awards to overpaid football players, but one award in particular is making waves aside from the usually forgotten event. Caitlyn Jenner (Bruce Jenner’s new female identity) will receive the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. And people are livid. Not because they think Jenner, who played professional football and won the Gold Medal during the 1976 Olympics, doesn’t deserve the award. But because they believe Lauren Hill, a 19-year-old University basketball player who battled brain cancer while continuing to play on the team with Mount St. Joseph’s. Unfortunately Lauren lost her battle to cancer, but not without doing a lot of good first.

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As the NY Daily news reports, “Hill dedicated the final months of her life to raising funds to help fight cancer — she was afflicted with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Giloma, a type of brain tumor that normally affects children and has a low cure rate — and raised more than $1.5 million before she died on April 10.” Granted, being a world renowned athlete, gold medalist and ridiculously famous person undergoing a sex change is pretty damn courageous, but should it be awarded over someone who played for their school and raised that much money for cancer research? I don’t think so.


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Needless to say, people are calling bullshit. Probably because it is.

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I think ole Clarence there hit the nail on the head. Caitlyn Jenner has been a trending topic ever since her Vanity Fair cover hit the internet. Lauren Hill however…well this is probably the first time you’re hearing of her. Shame Espys couldn’t have awarded someone who has actually deserves the recognition maybe just a bit more than Jenner. But then again, when were award shows ever really fair?