Café Offers 8000 Calorie Breakfast Challenge!

Now this is my kind of place.  The totally adorbs looking Corner Café Portishead in Bristol, England has a monster lurking inside of it. The restaurant offers what it is calling “The Monster Mega Challenge” breakfast to its customers.

Only one man has the gullet to master this mess – get us Kobayashi!

This looks like it would kick the ass of that guy from Man VS Food and probably put normal humans and non-competitive eaters in the hospital or even the grave who attempt to eat it. That’s because The Monster Mega Challenge breakfast boasts 8 thousand calories of food. Adults are supposed to eat a 2000 calorie diet per day. This is definitely not part of a balanced breakfast.

This place is way too cute to have a meal so “vulgar.”

So what makes up the 8 thousand calorie Monster Mega Challenge? Here’s what’s on the menu:

6 slices of bacon

6 breakfast sausages

6 eggs (any way you like them)

2 (three-egg) omelets

4 portions of fried potatoes

4 portions of mushrooms

6 black puddings

6 hash browns

1 bowl of chips (French fries)

4 onion rings


4 slices of toast

2 slices of fried bread

2 orders of bread and butter

1/2 grilled tomato

2 portions of beans

2 portions of tomatoes

I’m exhausted just reading this.

Damn, girl!

Like most of these food challenges if you finish it in one sitting you will get your name and photo on the wall- which in this case I’m thinking will also serve as a memorial.

RIP, Whoever Gets On The Wall

 In addition you get a key ring, a voucher for another free breakfast and a trophy; which I’m hoping is more like the Stanley Cup so you can puke into it. Even if you don’t finish the entire meal in one sitting, economically speaking it might be cheaper than going grocery shopping for breakfast items for the week; the whole shebang only costs about $22.80. Sounds like a good deal!

Michael Phelps trained for the Olympics Eating 8 thousand calories a Day.. I wonder what this guy’s “event” is?

The best part of this is that the breakfast challenge comes with a can of Monster Energy drink so that you don’t go into a food coma halfway through your meal. That’s sort of genius; I’m going to start taking energy drinks to the buffet with me.

There is going to be a monster in the men’s room, that’s for sure.

Do you think you could eat all of this in one sitting? I think I could do the main plate, but all of that side bread and toast would probably stop me from finishing the whole thing.

Source: Eater 

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