Cadbury Is Screwing With the Creme Egg Recipe!

Easter may be the dollar store version of Christmas but there is still plenty of wonderful things to look forward to in April. For instance, you can eat all the candy you want and the Easter Bunny uses his magical calorie soaking powers to prevent it from affecting your weight or your health. Science has proved this.

If the sight of this field of deliciousness makes you happy, you might want to just stop reading right now. 

A large number of candy fans look forward to Easter because it gives them the chance to enjoy seasonal candies that they can’t get any other time of the year. The most popular Easter candy by far has to be the famous Cadbury Crème Egg. This delicious treat is a milk chocolate egg that contains a gooey enter of white and yellow “fondant” that looks just like a real raw egg. This year, Cadbury decided to answer the call that no one is making and change the recipe that has made this treat a holiday staple for decades. 

Now you can get a “Value Pack” at the same price!

Fans in the UK got the sad news from Cadbury that the Crème Eggs will be made with “a standard, traditional Cadbury milk chocolate,” according to a company spokesperson. This is just the latest setback for the glucose riddled fans of the Cadbury Creme Egg. They’ve also cut back the pack from six to five eggs and thanks to “The Office’s” BJ Novak, we also know that they’ve been shrinking the size of the eggs from year to year and lying about it to our faces. 

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Why not just sell real raw eggs at this point, Cadbury? At least we know the size won’t change and we’ll know you can’t mess with the recipe. 

Source: CNN