C-3PO For ‘The Force Awakens’ Has Finally Been Revealed

So far, everything revealed concerning Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been nerd-approved. The teasers, check. The character/costumes, check. The story (so far), check. But today we’re getting our first official look at C-3PO thanks to some merchandise packaging! That big movie merchandising never fails to reveal one thing or another, folks, and Star Wars is no exception.

Everything looks pretty standard, except for one big difference: A new red arm.

I think this is a smart move, keeping C-3PO the same with his iconic design but giving him one new flourish to set him a part from the other Star Wars films. I can already hear the conversations at Comic-Con this year as nerds gather to school the other on which movie certain C-3PO’s are from; “Oh yeah, that’s Force Awakens 3PO, you can tell because of his red left arm.” Of course the kid that didn’t know this fact will tear up a little out of embarassment.

Anthony Daniels who has been absent for most of the hype thus far (C-3PO wasn’t even shown in the big Vanity Fair spread in early May) is credited for giving his talents to Force Awakens with one of the more recognizable voices from the Star Wars universe. Still so far so good.