You Will Now Be Able To Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online

Sure, we’re about to get a new (hopefully halfway decent) Star Wars movie but the REAL celebration can begin because we just found out you can buy Girl Scout Cookies online the next time they’re offered! HOLY SH*T we’re so happy we could, well, we could cry.

The organization behind the delicious cookies, The Girl Scouts of the USA finally approved the new method and we think it couldn’t have been a smarter move. That’s like finally using email when up until now you’ve been hand delivering messages to your co-workers this entire time. I mean we can appreciate the ideal being that these kids need to get the hell out there and hustle to make dat money, but let’s be honest, they’re going to sell four times as much with these online sales.

We know it’s practically two weeks away from Christmas which means this is the first official Christmas miracle.

However Girl Scout members are still able to use the ancient method of bothering their parent’s co-workers and guilting them into buying cookies as soon as they’re asked which just makes the whole thing awkward, especially if you don’t like that particular co-worker. But hey, at least the kids are allowed to not stare at a computer screen for longer than they already do. See, everybody wins!

So when the hell can we get these cookies online?! First of all, each area is different so keep track of the Girl Scout’s main site to find out when they’re available in YOUR area. Second, it’s not some massive Wal-Mart-esque website to buy cookies but in fact individual sites for each Girl Scout to sell her own batch of boxes online. So track one of them little ladies down, or preferrably a parent of one, and get their website info!

It’s good to be alive.