Butt-dial Reveals Burglary Plans To 911 Dispatchers

All it takes is one mistake to turn the perfect crime into another item for the dumb police blotter. If it’s happening in Florida, your chances are almost 50/50 that you’ll do something dumb during the course of the crime and that it will either be the fault of meth or an alligator. The latest example of this criminal trope involved a burglar who didn’t know he was spilling his guts directly to the police department through his cell phone. 

Ironically will have a lot of time to sit on his butt and contemplate how he got to prison.

Scott Esser planned to commit a burglary in Branchburg, New Jersey but police got a tip from Esser himself when he somehow dialed 911 from the cell phone in his pocket. Dispatchers heard Esser’s entire plan but they were unable to track the location of his phone. Fortunately, they learned who the phone was registered to and that led to Esser’s arrest. The phone was in his name? Has this guy ever watched an episode of “The Wire”? 

Police couldn’t arrest him before he committed the burglary but they were able to link him to the burglary he described on the phone and several other burglaries in several area neighborhoods. It is not known if his butt that made the call to 911 will be charged as an accessory or if his butt will be able to cut some kind of special deal with prosecutors for being an informant. 

The amazing part is that this wasn’t an isolated incident. Last October, a couple in Roswell, New Mexico gave police a 45-minute cellular confession when one of them accidentally butt-dialed the police after they committed their crime. They even gave police the address of the house they robbed. It’s a shame that they couldn’t have held the call a little longer because they also would have recited their DNA strand letter by letter. 

Source: News 12 New Jersey