Burglar Gets Busted In World’s Most Appropriate T-Shirt

Working in crime prevention in any capacity must be a hard job. How do you know who is going to commit a criminal act without having powers like the precogs in “Minority Report”? It’s not like they can just put on a T-shirt that lets people know they’re about to make a really stupid mistake. Apparently, that’s not a forgone possibility in the Bermuda Triangle of stupid that is the state of Florida.

Police in Naples, Florida arrested David Durham for trying to break into at least two cars in a parking lot while wearing a T-shirt that reads, “WARNING: I DO DUMB THINGS.” Police even took a mugshot of the guy in his super appropriate fashion statement because he either can’t read or really appreciates the subtle irony in clothes sold at truck stops.

Apparently, he’s not the only dumbbell to get arrested in the oh-so-appropriate T-shirt. Luciano Gutierrez of Bell County, Texas was picked up by police sometime last February while driving drunk. Police records show that it was the ninth time he’s been busted for driving under the influence of alcohol and he was wearing the same T-shirt at the time of his arrest. Not to mention this guy who was arrested for having drugs while wearing a “Who needs drugs? No, seriously, I have drugs” tshirt.  It sounds like we’ve found a great crime awareness and prevention program right here. All we’ve got to figure out which Kohl’s store is selling them and if they’ll let us track their purchases.

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source: Huffington Post