Burglars Caught By Leaving A Trail Of Macaroni Salad, No, Really

Three burglars who broke into a New York burger restaurant got busted because of their deep love for macaroni salad. I feel their pain. 

The best part is that sound it makes when you stir it. Mhmm.

34-year-old Matthew Sapetko, 35-year-old James Marullo and 23-year-old Timothy Walker Jr. were all busted in connection with the burglary of a Build-a-Burger restaurant in Mt. Morris, New York on Sunday morning. Police first responded to the restaurant after the owner reported the burglary. He said they had taken their surveillance system, a cash register and several food items including some macaroni salad. Officers started looking for clues and noticed a trail of macaroni salad leaving the restaurant. They followed the uneaten noodles and caught up to all three suspects who I presume had macaroni salad remnants all over their face. It’s a shame that police made them wash it off because we definitely would have had three locks for our next list of the year’s best mugshots.

All three men face charges of third-degree burglary and criminal mischief and fourth-degree grand larceny. Walker also faces some additional drug possession charges. 

I smell an underhanded scheme by McDonalds to bring back the Hamburglar. Were they wearing black and white striped shirts and pleading “Robble robble” to the arraignment judge? 

Source: WKBW