Captured Burglar Offers To Mow Homeowner’s Lawn In Exchange For Freedom

Bryan Remley of St. Petersburg, Florida, was innocently robbing a stranger’s home when he was met with the rudest reception from his unwitting host.

At 4:30 a.m., Joseph Cihak got up to use the bathroom when he encountered Remley rummaging through his prized belongings — which were probably Liam Neeson DVDs and pictures of him posing with guns. Remley then charged Cihak, probably just to say, ‘Hello, thank you for letting me rob your house,’ or something to that effect. Then, all of a sudden, he was shot at twice.

Cihak just happened to have a gun on him because he and his wife always carry a weapon when leaving their bedroom at night. Also, the home had been previously robbed earlier in the week, and everything in Florida wants to kill you, so all jokes aside, carrying a gun while taking a leak made sense.

While his wife called police, Cihak grabbed a second gun and held Remley until authorities showed up. It was during this time that police say Remley offered to mow the couple’s lawn in exchange for his freedom. The Cihaks turned down his kind offer, noting that they prefer to shoot at their grass when it grows too long.

[[contentId: 2756816| alt: mower with gun| style: width:75%]]

I will mow you down.

Remley was arrested and charged with residential burglary and violation of probation, which clearly states you have to stop robbing people. At this rate, he’ll never get his landscape business off the ground. (Source)