Burglar Is Arrested After Leaving A Trail Of Nacho Cheese

There seems to be a very food-centric trend in the arrest of burglars lately. It wasn’t too long ago that a group of burglars were  arrested after leaving a trail of macaroni salad. Following their lead a man in Iowa City was caught “nacho-handed” after leaving a trail of snacks that led the police to him.


Francisco J. Munoz used a brick to smash the entry into a Creekside Market where he took two cases of Corona and a whole bunch of snacks and lottery tickets – which may have been tasty, but ended up being his demise. After a little smash and grab, it was clear that Munoz wasn’t trying to make a quick getaway.


Thanks to a trail of fine convenience store cuisine he was leaving behind, the police found the 20-year-old about 100 yards away from the market. His shirt was covered in nacho cheese and he was drunk. Really drunk. His blood alcohol content was a whopping .270 percent.


Munoz was charged with third-degree burglary, second-degree criminal mischief, and public intoxication. Here’s a friendly note to burglars who are planning on robbing a food establishment: finish your snacks before you leave the scene of the crime. And for Christ’s sake use a damn napkin if you’re going to eat something messy like nachos.[

Source: ABC 9