Burger King Unveils All Black Burger

Would you eat an all-black burger including black bun, black sauce and black cheese? Burger King is hoping you will. The fast-food chain is unveiling The Kuro Burger which either looks like something you would only eat at a brutal metal concert, or what a BK burger would look like after surviving a fire but remaining frighteningly intact due to its fire retardant ingredients.

This one is like my soul.

Here’s the catch; you can only get it in Japan, where it will available for a limited time starting September 19th. Japan? It looks more like what Burger King would release to Reptilian customers location on Galgamack 6.

What, no black lettuce and tomato?

To get the black color (or lack of color if you want to be scientifically accurate), the bun and cheese are made with bamboo charcoal, the beef contains black pepper, and a garlic onion sauce is made with squid ink.

Once you go black you’ll never… ah, forget it.

They say a good way to have a healthy diet is to keep your plate “colorful” – and I say screw that, this sounds awesome. I bet when you eat it you look like you have the mouth of The Penguin from Batman Returns.

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Anyone have a Tums?

If this sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Two years ago a French fast food chain named Quick created a black bunned “Darth Vader Burger” in celebration of the re-release of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D.  I use the word “celebration” lightly.

If black cow meat isn’t your thing, Burger King might want to try frying up some of these all black chickens. Ozzy wouldn’t mind biting the head off of these birds.

The rare species native to Indonesia, called the Ayam Cemani Chicken, looks pretty hardcore. Everything about the bird is black including skin, bones and organs. This would make one brutal McChicken sandwich.

Would you eat the all black Kuro Burger?

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