Burger King To Release Whopper Scented Perfume!

Everyone’s second favorite fast food burger chain is expanding its business from the world of burgers and fries to the obvious next step of… perfumes and fragrances. Called “Flame- Grilled Fragrance” the perfume will smell like BK’s iconic Whopper. The target market for this new delightful smell is men who can’t decide if they want to hit up the drive thru for a Whopper with cheese or hit up their lady for a little hanky panky.

The perfume isn’t the only thing that smells like a real whopper here.

So if you want your lady to smell like beef and cheese topped with special sauce… you might be out of luck. The advertisement for the 5,000 yen ($41) bottle of Whopper stench is for Burger King franchises only in Japan and will be for sale for just one day: April 1st.

OK, so the Whopper perfume is more than likely an April Fool’s Day joke; cool on BK for having a sense of humor.  Honestly though, it’s not that farfetched. Bacon scented perfume is a real thing!

So even if the Whopper fragrance isn’t real, we could construct our own perfume with all of the ingredients of a Burger King Barbeque Bacon Whopper With Cheese!

To anyone bitching that the Whopper perfume is FAKE, go out and make your own! Just buy all of the perfumes on the list below, mix them together into one amazing scent and lather yourself up. Let us know how you smell!

I’ve even provided links where you can purchase them, just click on the titles:

Bacon Perfume 

BBQ Pork Barrel Meat Cologne 

Cheese Perfume 


Lettuce Perfume 


Tomato Cologne


Pickle Fragrance 


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Source: CNN