Burger King In Russia Offers Contest To Fans To Have Your Message On Some Boobs

In Russia, there’s a website called Tittygram that offers exactly what you think. You pay money to have a “model” write your message on her cleavage and email you the photo in return. Burger King in Russia has apparently noticed this service and decided to offer “active community members” a chance to receive their very own Tittygram for being such loyal fans and customers. Of course Burger King went ahead and paid for their very own Tittygram to advertise this idea which said “I love Burger King!” across a random woman’s boobs and posted it to their social media page calling all fans that love Whoppers and whoppers.

Translated from Russian to English, the translation as usual sort of goofed up a bit but made for a thrilling final line, “Not only our Whopper prepared in this fire, we all with a twinkle!”  I’m not sure with the twinkle line was regarding, perhaps Burger King’s grease trap by the fryer?

Regardless, most followers (or fans if you will) of the food chain are already calling out it’s sad attempt at gaining attention with such low brow tactics. May as well offer women a message on the side of a penis, right? Why does it just have to be boobs? Personally, I’d rather just not even see the name Burger King anywhere near a cleavage. Ruins the landscape if you ask me.

Tittygram, which calls itself the Uber for boobs, asks customers to pay $10 to submit a message under 35 characters. But there is a more positive turn to Tittygrams efforts beyond just an interest in seeing personal messages on boobs. Tittygram apparently gives a two percent of its earnings to breast cancer research. Since Tittygram’s launch last March, most people call the site demeaning to women. I call Burger King demeaning to nutrition, so maybe it’s a match made in heaven after all.

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source: Metro