Burger King To Sell Bright Red Burgers!

Much like how Pizza Hut tries out all of its weird concoctions in other countries before bestowing them upon ‘Merica, Burger King gets all fancy with how it colors burgers in Japan. Now the country that brought you Godzilla is unleashing another monstrosity on the world: a bright red burger complete with red bun and red CHEESE.  Behold the Aka (Red) Samurai Beef Burger.

Unless you are eating a Burger King in Japan, if your cheeseburger looks like this, you should probably throw it away.

You might be concerned as to how they achieved the unnatural looking color to the bread and cheese of this culinary science experiment. The food scientists at BK say they used tomato powder in the bread mix and cheese to elicit this blinding radiance. Burger King Japan is also offering up the monstrosity in chicken format with the Aka Samurai Chicken Burger:

Oh weird, how did they make the tomato red?

This is not the first time that the fast food company has gotten freaky. Last September Burger King Japan unveiled the all black Kuro Burger which looked like The Penguin from Batman Returns had vomited it up.


Would you eat the red Burger King Burger? Or are there some things that Man was not meant to mess with?

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Source: The Wall Street Journal