This Burger King With A Built-in Sauna Will Melt Your Balls & Burger At Once!

You know that weird Burger King fast food smell? It’s not really food and it’s not really chemicals, but somehow when you get a whiff you want to push your face into it until you choke on pickles, meat and mayo? Now imagine having that beautiful BK scent literally baked into your goddamned skin.  

“I once got busy in a Burger King Sauna” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

A Burger King location in Helsinki, Finland can accomplish this for all the Whopper loving weirdos out there who want to have their extra cheese and special sauce drip onto their exposed genitals as they sit next to strangers chowing down on a “Smoky Bacon Tendercrisp.”  

The steam and sweat brings out the flavors.

That’s because this Burger King sports a full spa with a 10 person sauna and a separate 15 person sauna! The saunas even have large flat screen televisions. Sounds like the chicken nuggets aren’t the only things getting steamy.

Their website advertises that it is perfect for parties! You just have to call ahead and reserve a time. And yes you can order food while you get your steam on. So if the cheese on your “Egg Croissanwhich” is not melted to your liking, just wait a few seconds.

Hopefully the BK King is there to hand me a towel that I totally will not steal.

The Burger King near my house is overrun with homeless people, so I am definitely not getting in a BK sauna if they open one there. That would be a whole other ripe type of smell.  

They look like they need a Double Bacon Whopper with cheese ASAP.

Finland seems like a place where the people who live there go to a Burger King and order the frickin’ salad. So maybe Finnish people wouldn’t have that “problem.” I for one think a hot, sweaty Burger King experience sounds fun. I guess here in ‘Merica we will be stuck hot boxing the ball pit in the Kid’s Play Area if we want a Burger King sauna.

Entry way to the best chicken nugget eating experience of your life.

Would you eat a sloppy Whopper in a Burger King Sauna?

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