Nevada’s Legal Brothel, The Bunny Ranch Looking For Paid Quality Control Testers

About a month ago a legal brothel in Berlin, Germany made headlines when they posted a job opening seeking a well-educated “brothel tester” to ensure quality control of their sexual services. They wanted to make sure that their customers WERE getting screwed,  – in the best way possible! After all, they have standards. These aren’t your average street hookers giving out handys with actual hooks for hands.  

“Krissy Summers” works at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and needs her quality controlled.

Not to be outdone ‘Merica’s legal brothel in Nevada, The Moonlight Bunny Ranch is now seeking out a “secret shopper” shopping for poontang.  Dennis Hof, the proprietor of the famed bordello says he is going to hire around 12 men (and possibly a few women) to test  and evaluate the “performance” of his ladies of the night. Hoff says;

“We’d love to have a woman or two,” he said. “Even couples to be honest with you. A lot of our customers are couples.”

However, before you quit your day job and tell your wife you are leaving her to go become a full time ass assessment officer, Hoff says he is not going to just take anyone. He is looking for educated, well rounded people with life experience.

Bunny Love, Airforce Amy, and Brooke Taylor are going to be “tested” and that’s not creepy at all.

“Obviously a very young person or a person who has not traveled or been around would not be ideal,” he said. “We want somebody who gives us a true, honest, worldly perspective.”

And most importantly they have to have stamina if they are going to test the whole “product” lineup!  Hoff adds: “Are they going to be able to perform? Because it’s work. Not everyone is a Ron Jeremy.”

Applications have already been flooding in, from a soldier, to a porn star, and a recently divorced man looking for a new job and a college graduate who has firsthand experience at the Ranch. You could say that competition for these tester positions is going to be stiff.

If you’d like to apply to be a paid quality control tester at the Bunny Ranch, you can email Denis Hoff on why you are the right person for the job at –let us know if you get the gig!

Holy crap, all this time those stupid T-shirts were serious!

So if you are at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch and you find a sticker inside your prostitute that says “quality tested by number 22” – like she’s a new pair of pants,  you will know you are in good hands- and other body parts.

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Source: NY Daily News