Now Even Hookers Won’t Service Donald Sterling

There’s way too much class in this picture!

First, he was banned from the NBA. Now, Donald Sterling has been banned from the Bunny Ranch, a famous brothel near Carson City, Nevada. Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down.

Dennis Hof, who I’m sure none of you will recognize from the HBO soft-core reality-series Cathouse, says that due to the billionaire’s recently-leaked racist ramblings, Sterling is no longer welcome at the Bunny Ranch or any of the six other brothels Hof owns. However, it’s worth noting that there is no evidence Sterling has ever visited the Bunny Ranch. Something tells me that when you have a billion dollars, shady women find their way to you (which is how Sterling got into trouble in the first place). But it’s nice to have options, so even if the gesture is largely symbolic, it probably still stings.

In the past, Hof has also garnered publicity by banning the cast of Duck Dynasty, as well as convicted dog killer Michael Vick. But this time, his motives are not only related to free publicity. According to the glorified pimp, around 20 percent of his prostitutes are African-American.

“Some of them were crying this morning,” Hof said. “So we’re doing this for them as well.”

Granted, I’m sure a lot of those girls were crying, but whether or not it was in relation to Sterling or simply the result of working as a prostitute is certainly up for debate. Either way, God bless those ladies. (Source)