Buddha Statue Contains Remains Of Mummified Monk

Archaeology may seem like an adventurous occupation thanks to movies like the Indiana Jones trilogy. I say “trilogy” because I’m trying to actively forget the name of the fourth one before I resort to using brain damage to drive it out of my skull. Regardless, I’m sure at times it can be a pretty mundane job trying to find artifacts in a dusty landscape. I’m also sure it’s worth it just to find something mind-blowing like this statue that contains the mummified remains of a 1,000-year-old monk. Check out the certified CT scan below.

The Drents Museum in the Netherlands did a CT scan of a traditional Buddha statue and discovered it contained the preserved remains of a Buddhist monk. They’ve also identified the remains as a Buddhist master named Liuquan. Believe it or not, the fact that they found the remains of a human in the statue isn’t the biggest surprise. Researchers also found that someone had removed Liuquan’s organs and placed rolls of Chinese papers with writings on them in their place.

This sounds like an exciting find and one can only imagine the messages that are written on those scrolls. This isn’t just a great discovery for archeologists and scholars in similar fields, this could also inspire a great plot device for a movie about an angry 1,000-year-old Buddhist mummy coming back to life. Hey, if they can make a movie about zombie beavers, then this shouldn’t be that hard to turn into a good movie.

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source: This Is Colossal