HBO Releases First Image Of Bryan Cranston As L.B.J. And It’s Uncanny

Lyndon B. Johnson, the president known by most who took over as president after Kennedy was assassinated…and also the president who looked at Forrest Gump’s ass if you recall is getting the HBO treatment in their film titled All The Way. And it’s shocking how much Cranston has pulled off the LBJ resemblence with the help of some amazing prosthetics.

The HBO film is actually an adaptation of Cranston’s award-winning broadway play which he won the Tony Award for his potrayal as Johnson in 2014. The play also received the Tony for Outstanding New Broadway play and by the looks of it is a shoe-in for an Emmy nomination as well.

Here’s a synopsis of All The Way, which is due to hit HBO sometime next year: 1964: A pivotal year in American history—a landmark civil rights bill was passed, America began its involvement in Vietnam…and one man sat at the center of it all, determined to lift the country out of the ashes and rebuild it into The Great Society—by any means necessary. Hero. Bully. President. He played whatever part it took to win the day. It’s not personal, it’s just politics.

No word if the film will feature the Forrest Gump moment or not. That did actually happen, right?