Bruce Jenner Allegedly Spotted In Full Woman Mode Wearing A Dress (PHOTOS)

Bruce Jenner, the father figure of the Kardashian clan has long been rumored to be undergoing a huge change in his life. No, he’s not divorcing himself from the Kardashian’s, he’s allegedly undergoing a sex change, seen growing his hair out, coming and going from hospitals and even adding a little finger polish to his changing looks. Personally I’ve always been skeptical of this story, but a photo of Jenner in full woman mode has been taken (allegedly as they say), which makes Bruce Jenner’s journey that much more fascinating.

Paparazzi took these photos shortly before Jenner had called police reporting the paparazzi’s activities at this address. All I can say is good for him. It would suck to feel a certain way about yourself, as drastic as it may be, and never be able to actually do anything about it. So after raising a family and becoming even more wealthy due to Keeping Up With Kardashians, I guess he thought it was time now that most of those responsibilities are over.

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Jenner guest starring on the ’70’s hit CHiPS

I may have to remind you that Jenner isn’t only famous because of the Kardashians. He won the Gold Medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal for Track & Field which in turn made him an American hero and was also Erik Estrada’s replacement for some time on the show CHiPS in the early 80’s. He was almost cast as Superman instead of Christopher Reeve and was featured on the Wheaties box as a Decathalon Champion.

Long story short, he’s more than just a guy possibly undergoing a sex change (he has made no official comment) but it does in turn make that possibility that much more fascinating this late in his life.

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source: Fox