Bruce Campbell Teases Return With First Image Of Ash For ‘Ash VS. Evil Dead’

For every reboot, remake and sequel in production right now, two are solely on my radar; the new season of Twin Peaks for Showtime and Bruce Campbell’s return to The Evil Dead franchise for Starz with Ash VS. Evil Dead. While keeping the new Dead series under wraps, not one decent peep has come from Evil Dead’s production aside from a few interviews and some really bland (but still cool because it’s The Evil Dead) teasers until yesterday. Bruce Campbell replied to William Shatner, of all people, on twitter after Shatner tweeted the simple question of “How is everyone?”. Campbell replied back with a photo along with the caption “Frankly, Bill, I’m a little sticky.”

With a close up of his eye showcasing a bloody brow and his iconic cheek scratch, this is our first official look at Campbell’s return to Ash. Sure, it’s not Campbell in full costume wielding his chainsaw but this is already an incredibly promising image to come from the show’s production. Fans have for the longest time wanted another Evil Dead film lead by supermarket clerk Ashley J. Williams and we’re finally getting it. Granted, I thought Starz was a network that came and went with the 90’s but it looks like I’m going to need this channel as part of my cable package. Since the trilogy’s original writer/director Sam Raimi is involved, this show should be well worth the extra cost.

Check out the quick teaser for Ash VS. Evil Dead below:

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Sam Raimi will direct the first episode, premiering this fall. Who’s excited?