This New Brothers Grimsby Clip Is 5 Kinds Of Awesome

The comedy genius who brought you Ali G and Borat has a new film coming out.  Very nice! Sacha Baron Cohen stars alongside Rebel Wilson and Mark Strong in The Brothers Grimsby, coming out on March 11th. Lucky for us they just released a clip of two brothers getting very, very close:

[[contentId: 3005755| | size: 75]]

The Brothers Grimsby follows the story of a dimwitted English soccer fan named Nobby (Cohen) who lives with his girlfriend and hoard of children. He has been searching for his long lost brother Sebastian (Strong) and when he finally finds him, it turns out he’s a secret MI6 spy.  When Sebastian is wrongfully accused and on the run, Nobby must help him prove his innocence- and save the world.

From the looks of the red band trailer it seems like we will be treated to classic Sacha Baron Cohen gags along the way. It looks like a good romp! We’d watch it.