Find Out Which Of The New 'SNL' Cast Members Got Canned Yesterday

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Jul. 15, 2014

Saturday Night Live just received 14 Emmy Nominations for their 39th season. But unfortunately for this cast member, the celebrations came to a halt yesterday.

His cover photo is Springsteen's Born To Run. Coincidence?

Maybe the name Brooks Wheelan isn't ringing any bells for you. Does this help?

I've been trying to keep up with the new cast, which is very lady-heavy. No other season has had more female comedians, and I think it's great. Unfortunately for Brooks, he couldn't hit the mark.

Prior to his SNL offer, Wheelan was mainly a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles, whereas the other rookies were somewhat established improv actors with existing comedy credentials, like Mooney's Good Neighbor sketch show, or Cecily Strong's Second City background. Making the transition from stand-up to improv can be a pretty big leap.

I almost feel bad for the guy, but maybe it's for the best. He'll probably end up playing the "older brother" on some sitcom, which might be better than trying to compete with such a huge cast.

Regardless, he got the attention of Lorne Michaels, and gave it his best shot. That's more than most of us can say.

UPDATED Reports are coming out that other castmembers are on the ole Studio 8H chopping block. John Milhiser and Noel Wells reportedly haven't had their contracts renewed.

Staff writer turned feature player Mike O' Brien who is also known for his 7 Minutes In Heaven interview show may be going back to strictly writing for SNL. Nasim Pedrad (who was one of my favorites) may also be leaving to star in John Mulaney's new show on FOX.  Let's face it, Lorne is firing everyone. He'll go on to star in every role in every sketch. It'll be great!


source: Mediate

ripsteele User

People still watch TV??

BigBlueMouse User

Why is Tracy Morgan in that pic? He didn't get fired, he got tired.

DigitalDump User

Fire the show itself. Its outdated and irrelevant. They keep going to the same tired places to get the same tired people and each season it FAILS.

eldystar User

is this thing still on t.v. i thought they shut it down years ago.

DressUpYourPet User

About time.  Everyone who was talented is gone this year.  Bill hader, fred Armisen, both gone, the new cast members are faceless and characterless, there is not anyone with any strong characters except kate whatsername, the lesbian one.   Last season was the most horrible one in their history, not just bad shows but the entire SEASON was D-.  Surely they intend to go until their 40th anniversary next year AT LEAST?  Then they need a decent cast (and the black guys been on way too long-both of them).  

Valeasaz User

that show is still on the air?

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

I so want to bang Nasim Pedrad, yummy little thing.

LiftO User

NBC executive Don Ohlmeyer sucks at his job and SNL has sucked since 1998.

Don Ohlmeyer also fired Norm Macdonald because he "wasn't funny" when in reality Norm's Weekend Update skits were among the best received parts of the show at the time. Its speculated the real reason

was because Don Ohlmeyer was friends with O.J simpson and Norm was making murderer jokes about him.


RobJVM User

That show hasn't been relevant or funny in over 10 years.

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

@RobJVM I agree with you RobJVM, it has become stale and the sketches feel so forced, not to mention some of the dubious musical guest choices.

Todd-Spence moderator User

@RobJVM  I think it's definitely still relevant, but not as well received as it has been in the past.

ObamasPubes User

Wtf... You're a writer and that's as creative you could get with SNL? I'm unemployed... I have the wrong job. See what I did there?

jackburton420 User

@whatinitheworld I totally agree that the musical guests have really started to go downhill. It used to be that SNL would try to find relatively new and upcoming bands, sometimes total unknowns, rather than trying to book whomever is the flavor of the month with a popular single.

ObamasPubes User

You mean you agree with everyone except the writer of whatever this is...

jackburton420 User

@Todd-Spence While I'll agree that it is still relevant, it hasn't returned to its 90's era level of popularity. However, people seem to forget that this happens every so often. In the 80's, when Michael McKean and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were on, before John Lovitz, Phil Hartman, and Dana Carvey, is was so terrible no one even remembers it anymore.

ObamasPubes User

No one talks about skits from SNL like they used to... If you're going to argue that it's relevant because you happen to like it, well that's your choice. It isn't funny, and that isn't an opinion, it's a fact. Maybe you weren't watching it back in the day, or had friends. We all used to talk about what was said and the funny skits. With cable tv, it isn't relevant anymore.