Brooklyn Decker: Double Decker Body




Brooklyn Decker is an actress and a famed Sports Illustrated model, so you know she’s hot and used to stripping down. She has been feautured in the magazine every year since 2006 and she even made the cover of S.I. in 2010. She was discovered at age 16 in a shopping mall which is when she began her career, so that was a lucky day.

So Where Can I See Brooklyn Decker Nude?


Glad you asked, because there are a few different places where you can catch a lot of skin of the super duper sexy Brooklyn.

Brooklyn posed topless for the photographer Mark Squires back in 2011. The black and white shots filled with nipple can be peeped here. The model also posed nude for Russell James in the same year, which was also for a black and white shoot.Not sure what all the black and white photography is about on such a vibrant looking woman, but perhaps it’s because it’s artsy? We’ll go with that.

brooklyn orange

Brooklyn of course shows a fair amount of skin in her Sports Illustrated shoots, including going topless on the cover (while covering her nips), and doing a spread with a sheer top where her nipples are fully visible.

At one point some of the photos from her cover shoot were posted where you could see her nipples through a wet shirt. They were then removed from the photographers website but they can still be glanced at right over here.

Yep, looking pretty darn good covered in sand while naked girl.


Anywhere Else?


Although it’s blurred out on account of it being a Funny Or Die Sketch and all, Brooklyn did strip down with her CBS show Friends With Better Lives along with costars Zoe Lister-Jones and Majandra Delfino. You have an active imagination that you can put to use right? Just fill in those blurry blanks. Brooklyn does some dirty talking so that should help you out a bit. Basically the clip begins with Brooklyn dirty talking towards the camera while setting up the DVR. Then her pals are all like girl chill out on the sexiness (weird), and then they all end up naked. Delightful!


[[contentId: 2964612| ]]


Cool. How About Sex Scenes in Her Acting Roles?

Good question. Brooklyn gets near naked for a sex scene with Patrick Wilson in the film Stretch. The scene looks pretty sexy, but there is some behind the scenes footage to show that it isn’t always as hot as it looks. Here’s a clip where Brooklyn discusses moving her costars, um “it”. (His junk okay.) Gotta love how the director compliments their sex work.


The movie sounds pretty rad. According to Wilson:

“It’s like all those excessive, ’80s R-rated action comedies. I mean, it’s insane. Brooklyn Decker, Jessica Alba… we’d be doing, ‘Tonight I’m getting chased down the street by these body guards.’ ‘Oh, and we happened to get a former pro-baller from the Green Bay Packers, he’s going to be chasing you.’ And you’re like, ‘Of course, why wouldn’t we?’ [laughs] ‘Who’s there today?’ ‘Today’s David Hasselhoff.’ ‘Awesome, who’s he playing?’ ‘David Hasselhoff.’ Fantastic! It was that type of movie and it was awesome. It was so much fun. The movie was so much fun. It was insane, insane. So funny, hopefully.”


What About Photo Shoots of Brooklyn Decker?

Duh. The question is more like how many photos of Brooklyn Decker in a bathing suit are you prepared to handle.

Here’s Brooklyn looking all kinds of sunny with her baby blues and drenched blonde hair. Which way to the beach?


Here’s Brooklyn flashing some butt from the sides of her black thong.

Here’s Brooklyn flashing some under boob. The girl can’t really go wrong – she’s great at flashing the little bits and pieces. And those sultry eyes….aye carumba!

Here she is with a major tan, which is perfectly offset by a yellow bikini. Does this girl just live at the beach or what? She should..



How About Behind the Scenes Video? From Anything Really.

Oh yes, we have some behind the scenes stuff for sure. How about this tantalizing display of all things Brooklyn Decker.

Thought you might enjoy that.

How about some behind the scene footage from her Sports Illustrated shoot in 2011?


Here is some behind the scene footage from a GQ shoot entitled Brooklyn is Burning. Very clever of you GQ, very clever.


Has the Paparazzi Caught Her in Any Compromising Positions?

Brooklyn had a bikini nip slip in Miami in  2013 which was naturally caught by the paparazzi. You can take a look at those photos right here. And here’s a photo of the suit that betrayed her. Look at her hold those puppies tight so they don’t get away again.Gotta show those boobies who’s boss.


What Else Should I Know About Her?

“I have zero hand-eye coordination – zero – so I’ve never been good at softball, basketball, golf, things like that, but I’m really strong and I have really good endurance so I can go forever – I’m a tough girl”

brooklyn holds gif
“My parents had us very young. We lived in a modest house. We built forts, we hiked, we went camping and they wanted us to be independent. It’s how children grew up in the 1940s and 50s: outside all the time, playing in the dirt, riding your bike around.”

So Does She Like Posing in a Bikini as Much as it Seems Like She Does?

Such great questions. We’ll let her answer that question with a quote.

“When you have a gown, there’s much more to be concerned about. Where is this crease falling? Are you making a weird shape with the dress? Are you doing the designer justice? With a bathing suit, it’s more about you and the mood you convey.”
brooklyn sheet gif

Is She Single?

No silly, Brooklyn is married to tennis star Andy Roddick and has been for six years already. Sorry. And, the two had their first child in the fall of 2015. It happens. She shared this shot of her baby bump on her Instagram account.

Brooklyn does not have plans to cut down on the career stuff even after having had a kid.
“I think that I’d like to try to be a superwoman and have kids and work, so we’ll see if I can actually accomplish that”

Cute aren’t they? Yep.